Whorth Tasting?

que comer en Formentera

cantoniblay | 25 Oct, 2017

Whorth Tasting?

In Formentera you may find a huge variety of restaurants, both international and autochthonous cuisine. We recommend some typical dishes from the island that you should certainly not miss, such as the local salad “ensalada payesa”, the calamari cooked in a traditional way “calamars a la bruta”, the octopus “fritada de pulpo”, and the fresh autochthonous fish such as “raor”, “roja” or “sirvia”. There’s also local paella with limpets which is worth trying. As dessert, we highlight the “flaó”, “orelletes” and “greixonera” and as spirits an appetizer of “palo” or the digestives “hierbas ibicencas” and “frígola”.

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